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7daycashmoney.com reviews

7daycashmoney.com reviews

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We were given a Guest Review Copy from 7daycashmoney system. So, Being a user, we decided to review the 7daycashmoney.com system.
There were a few wrong claims in the 7 day cash money website Which we found impractical. There are some excellent positives too. Let us highlight all positive reviews and equally the negative reviews. Through this review we sincere let you know how the system behaves, so that you can decide yourself whether to invest your money on this system or not. Being unbiased, we would try to keep our review as detail and honest as possible.

7daycashmoney.com Review:

The 7 day cash money system uses Google’s Adsense program and Clickbank in combination to monetize our website. I will brief you in detail about these two programs now.
I guess most of you would have known the 260 billion dollar company ‘Google’. Google holds a unique Ad revenue sharing platform to its publishers called Adsense. Every year it shares millions of dollars to its publishers. Through Adsense program, webmasters who wish to place Google ads on their websites will register themselves. Once Google scrutinizes the webmaster’s website and when it is in compliance with their Adsense program, Google will accept their registration and hence will become publishers for Google ads. Nowadays Google is very strict in their compliance programs.so, many of the new webmasters will fail themselves.But the Jean’s 7 day cash money system guarantees us to build a website for us which is in compliance with Google’s Adsense program and hence we don’t have anything to worry about Google.
And now coming to Click Bank, it is the biggest library of digital goods and Services company online now.It is the sister company of Keynetics. It is the largest affiliate network company in the united states. That’s not all, it has more than 2 Lakhs of affiliate marketers working for it. It shares approximately 2.5 billion dollars of income to its affiliates every year. Becoming an affiliate to click bank is an easy thing. If not for you, Jean will anyhow guide you doing it.
Initially the 7 day cash money system has built us a 300 page website with quality content. Then they made us apply for Google Adsense. Next they also made me apply to Click bank and then suggested me to promote some specified products. These products converted for me like crazy. I think they used some advanced tools to find these high converting products. These products will convert like 10 to 20%. The important thing is they also brought me some quality traffic to my 300 page website using their own traffic network.They have not charged anything from me for all this. I’m not supposed to tell you the internal working of the system.
Usually for a website to be successful, it must have Quality content, Quality visitors to read that content and a good source to monetize it. For me it’s all taken care by 7 day cash money system. So, most of the hard work has already been done for me. Till this point I’m happy.

Is 7 day cash money Scam ?

I will never say 7 day cash money is a scam or fraud. But One bad thing about this system is the unrealistic numbers they put on their website. I have been using the system for six months, but I never got the amount of dollars ($3,500 to $25,000) they told us on their website. For the first 2 months I hardly earned $100 to $150 a month on an average. Slowly income has increased day by day. In the Best month I have made $2000. On an average I’m making $1600 a month. Among it 30% are from Google Adsense and 70% is from click bank. For the first few months I hardly received any traffic from Google. I used to get visitors from their internal traffic network but now I’m receiving a significant amount of traffic from Google. So, I’m hoping better results in near future. So, If anyone wants to get rich in a night stand, This system is definitely not for them. This is not a magical system or get rich quick system for sure. This system will only eventually bring in around some money on a regular basis.

Before accepting the 300 page website, please do check it around on web for duplicate content before accepting. Because I heard due to increase in traffic for this system, these moderators are manipulating the content with some twists and tweaks. Google hates websites with duplicate content. So, Please do a thorough check before accepting the 300 page website. My sincere advice. I think I have given all the necessary inputs for you to take a decision.Hope my unbiased 7daycashmoneysystem.com review helped you.

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4 Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Sagar Shah

    Hi ViswaTej,
    I have joined this system 10 days ago.But i did not get a single visitor from last 5 days on my site.But i have one query about that.How they helped you to get traffic on your website because as you have mention in the review that you get traffic from their internal network , How will i get them because they just sent some same mails like YOU HAVE TO WAIT 6 to 12 WEEKS in order to get traffic.
    Please give some detailed experience of yours when you were in starting phase of this system……
    Please Reply Me as soon as possible…
    I really need it…

    • Profile photo of ViswaTej

      Waiting for 6 to 12 weeks makes no sense. A Click Bank product gives you 60 day money back guarantee.So, they are trying to consume your 60 days refund period cleverly. Drop them a mail that you gonna ask fora refund. If you don’t hear back from them. Just ask a refund.Also please write your experience with the product here so that it will be beneficial for other users as well.

  2. Profile photo of Maureen

    Hi, My name is Maureen Galoppe and I bought this product back in March. To this day I haven’t made any money at all. I thought once my websites were built if a person would click on an ad I would make money. I haven’t had any traffic at all. I bought my own traffic now. So, is it possible that from March to September nobody has looked at my Google links? Or maybe Google hasn’t updated my Google links??? I am very confused. I checked with the Support dept and never get a straight answer. I am hoping you can help. Because, at least you’re making money. I guess I’m asking if you are making money shouldn’t I be making money too?? Thanks so much

  3. Profile photo of John Aiken

    Hello ViswaTej I read your excellent review of this opportunity, I am giving it serious consideration . Can you please tell me if you are still earning from this and approximately how much your earnings have increased. Did you ever upgrade to the 10 domain level? One last thing ,you wrote “Please do a thorough check before accepting the 300 page website. Can you ,if possible explain how to do this , your help will be greatly appreciated.

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