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KFC chicken Reviews

KFC chicken Reviews

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Hi, This is Viswa Tej a software engineer from Hyderabad,India.I’m a pure non-vegetarian 😀 . Let me explain my experience with KFC through this review.

On July,2012 I had KFC chicken at In-orbit mall,Hyderabad.I really got disappointed with the KFC chicken.Especially the quality and quantity has been degraded.I ordered 4 piece fried crispy chicken which costs around Rs 250  .Before placing the order i asked the serving executive about the size of chicken.He showed me the big chicken pieces.But while delivering he gave me just 1 big piece and 1 medium sized piece and 2 small pieces.I even questioned the guy about the same.He said that its a general company standard that they are only going to give only 1 big piece and rest small ones.With an astonished look i went from there.

Now coming to quality, the chicken is of very poor quality and full of oil.I didn’t feel the taste of chicken at all.Its all some floor and powder more than chicken dipped in oil. I just reminded the past glory of KFC where i used to lick fingers at the end. But now if i lick my fingers i could only get he feel of oil and nothing more.Not just from me alone even many of friends felt the same at different stores in Hyderabad.I’m very disappointed with KFC and finally I and my friends decided to quit KFC .

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    I have been to Bangalore after marriage from my village.I’m habituated to the traditional chicken varieties. I like chicken but never a die hard fan for it. I ate KFC chicken today morning with my husband and You know it is amazing. This is the first time I’m eating it. I ate it with complete satisfaction.BUt the price is a bit high. VAT and Special Taxes are painful when i see the bill amount. Other than that I’m really happy with KFC chicken.So, sharing you all my honest review about KFC. Thank you..

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