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Netflix Review

Netflix Review

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Hi! I’m amulya.I’m a business analyst working for a reputed firm.I stay in United states.I just want to write this netflix review based on my experience with it.

Netflix review:

I am vexed up with the rented DVD’s  and pay fines for late submission of DVD’s . I am totally in search of an alternative.

I then started delving up over internet for a place where i get unlimited movies with monthly subscription and ended up with best service provider in my research with Netflix. I found Netflix is an American internet streaming media and It’s being almost 15 years Netflix started providing services and headed towards $1.5 billion subscribers last year and i was startled by the number and count of subscribers Netflix achieved in such a short span of time. With this internet streaming media you can watch movies instantly and all other TV shows too in your PC, MAC, mobile, Tablet and more. And I thought I could give up a try where no one gives you a free trail for a week time and but to my surprise Netflix is all free unlimited for 2 weeks. With no commitments you can anytime end up the subscription if you don’t like the service. For the first 2 week days not even single penny will be deducted from your account.

I have never seen any other service provider giving challenges to the market with the best free trails which gives the customer satisfaction and its being hype to the end users other than Netflix.

Through my honest netflix review I want to share my true experience and evidence to all the buyers and clear all the doubts they have. Initially i have lot of doubts like all others have, If this free trail have any other terms and conditions or will they charge something for the free trail too. I got all my doubts clarified once i started using it. All that we have to do is we need to furnish all our details along with our account details while subscribing for a free trail. I thought i would only go for free trail and unsubscribe it in a week but i got a comfort with the Netflix once i started using it and it has become my all time favorite. There are no limitations you can unsubscribe it at any time at any cost.

It’s all easy. Start using it. You will get to know all my enthusiasm. Thanks i am absolutely happy with this.

Just subscribe it  absolutely free and see the magic movie world created by Netflix.

Try Netflix for FREE! With Netflix you can easily cancel online anytime.

To my knowledge it has spread across many countries.As far as i know in US the free trail works.
I don’t have enough knowledge regarding the trail in other countries.As this is an online video service provider it should only be launched based on different country laws and licenses.Please check using the link if your country is eligible for the amazing free trail.Please write your netflix review after using it in your country

Netflix One month Free Trail:

I recently even heard that netflix has changed their policy of free trail to one month instead of regular 14 days.If this is the case it is like a festival for all the movie buffs around.In the entire free trail you are given all the access to every single bit of content in their website.I’m not exaggerating it but it is true.Instead of wasting money on TV cables and Dish networks,paying for netflix is a very wise choice.Just try the free trail,if satisfied continue it.other wise cancel the subscription.it is that simple.The below link will take you to one month free trail.

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

I even heard on net that after one month if you cancel it netflix will send you mail to extend the subscription.What more can Netflix can offer us.I could see the confidence and loyalty of net netflix in giving such grand offers with out paying a single.In my case i never left unsatisfied using it.I got all the movies i wanted in netflix.Please try the link if you are a serious movie lover.

Netflix Review – Quality:

Netflix is simply the best.It has provided me options like good better and best.The quality depends on your broadband internet speed.The minimum speed required for HD movies movies is about 3Mbps.If your internet speed is slow,Netflix automatically degrades it quality to provide smooth playback of the movie with out breaks and Hassles.I will rate it the best among all the competitors in terms of quality.

Netflix Review – Movie Database:

Netflix has more than 10,000 plus hours of content.Imagine the number of movie titles it has in its database.The movies varies from 1930’s to latest movies.Don’t expect very latest movies which are released yesterday in netflix :-d.I heard that netflix is the biggest investor of movies than any other company or its competitors.It is a very dedicated service to provide its customers more of high quality movies.I could find some movies in netflix which i didn’t even find in IMDB. It will rate it 4 out of 5.

Why waiting !! click the link below the review to access free trail.

Netflix Review – Price :

Netflix  is providing 1 month free trail for its new customers.After the initial free trail it wil charge around 8$ a month for unlimited number of movies.Its like spending my popcorn money(when i go to traditional theater) to see unlimited number of movies for the whole month .Funny but true.I found the price is hardly nothing right.I will rate if 5 out of 5 in terms of Price.Providing such thousand’s of high quality movies for such a low rice is a noteworthy point to mention.

NetFlix Review – Customer Support :

More than Two Hundred customer care executives are waiting to help you 24X7.There are never a waiting time to speak to them.

Netflix Contact Information:
Netflix Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone:  408-540-3700
Fax: 408-540-3737

NetFlix Trail Link:

Present trail as per august is 1 month.

Try Netflix for FREE! With Netflix you can easily cancel online anytime.

Hope you enjoyed my netflix review.

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    Ghost Hound is temporarily not present in the Netflix.When i contacted the customer care team they told they is a issue with Ghost Hound and their management team is working on it it seems to resolve the issue.It will be available soon.I guess.

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