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Colgate Active Salt Tooth Paste Reviews

Colgate Active Salt Tooth Paste Reviews

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I’m Tejesh from India.I’m 19 years old.I’m doing my engineering in Aditya Engineering College.Since from my child hood i never had tooth problems since my intermediate (18 years). Don’t know what happened suddenly, when i have hot coffee or cold water my gums and cheeks used to pain a lot.Its even like a I used to get a shock from my tooth and Gums. I consulted a doctor he subscribed me to use Emoform tooth paste.It helped me reduce my pain in my teeth and i felt greatly relieved.But as it is a medicated tooth paste my teeth started becoming yellowish which feared me.I consulted the doctor again and he suggested me to stop using medicated tooth pastes after problem is cured.So,I stopped using it and my problem retained with in months after. This time i consulted my friend’s father who is a dentist. He suggested me to use Colgate active salt paste regularly and now I’m free from all the pains with out any side effects.So I’m suggesting every to use it freely unlike other medicated tooth pastes.Thanks Colgate for helping me out.Hope my review about Colgate active salt tooth paste helps some one in need
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