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Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

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Product Name: Keyword Elite

Product Owner: Brad Callen

Price: 97$

Website: www.keywordelite.com

Guarantee: 8 weeks 100% money back guarantee

Keyword Elite 2.0 review:

Keyword Elite 2.0 is an advanced  pay per click and search engine optimization software. Please just don’t buy Keyword Elite 2.0 , read our honest Keyword Elite 2.0 reviews before you take your decision. Brad has released its new version Keyword Elite 2.0. We just got our requested review copy of Keyword Elite 2.0. We tried it for a month and now as we have used the Software, we feel we are eligible to review Keyword Elite and let our users know how it works. We hope our unbiased Keyword Elite review will give you necessary inputs to decide whether to invest your money on the software or not.

I have been seeing many websites online with Keyword Elite 2.0 reviews saying get rich or make quick money just by installing this tool and working only 10 minutes a day. But to be honest, it is just an advanced tool which will save you some of the hours of valuable work. It won’t bring you cash when you sit idle or work ten minutes a day. This is not a magic tool. Hard work is must to earn money online. So, I took this opportunity to provide an unbiased review about the software. Here goes my Keyword Elite 2.0 review.

Keyword Elite is not suited for

  1. Newbie who doesn’t even have a website handy or doesn’t know what is PPC and what is SEO. I sincerely suggest them to learn some basics first, before investing on something which they don’t know what it is used for.
  2. People who just run one campaign over a very long time. If you don’t mind doing the routine and boring activities yourself, if you don’t mind spending significant amount of time researching and analyzing the product and keywords yourself and if you vote for manual work rather than software’s work, I suggest you not to buy this tool.
  3. People who want to get rich in a day or 2 just by using this software. I can say you right away that this tool is not for you.
  4. People who don’t have time to at least to research the product they wish to promote. Even for using this tool, you need to do some research.
  5. People who are financially in tight situation and don’t have budget to invest on this software. Some of the Keyword Elite features can be obtained freely. So, I rather suggest you to do it manual way until you get some money to invest on the tool.

Keyword Elite is best suited for

  1. PPC marketers who run campaigns more frequently. It saves them plenty of time from doing various routine boring activities. With a tool like this, they can set up almost double the campaigns in the same time.
  2. SEO experts and webmasters who are trying to increase their search engine rankings. Though the tool is more useful for PPC marketers, it is also wonderful tool in terms of SEO.
  3. Users who already had run some kind of PPC marketing but ran into losses and looking for an expert guide to help them.
  4. Newbie who is ready to invest on PPC but don’t have the knowledge of how to proceed.
  5. People who are serious about making money online through PPC or SEO.

Before making a decision, take your time to know how the tool works and how you will be benefited with its advantages.

Why I’m stressing to read and know the software, because some of its tools are available for free on the internet and there will not be any point in buying Keyword Elite just for those tools. Whereas there are some tools which are worth alone to buy the software. Through my Keyword Elite 2.0 review, I will try to explain its working. So, please read the full review and have a look at the videos I provided below to know the purpose of the tool better.

How Keyword Elite Works?

Keyword Elite is one of the most advanced unique keyword strategy tool. It contains 8 different tools installed under it. I don’t want to call them sub tools. I will call them features instead of tools from now onwards. Let me explain you its features one by one.

Keyword Elite Review

Keyword Surge:

This Feature will help you find the list of keywords similar to your main keyword. This feature will save you hours, sometimes even days of work. More over this internally uses Google and Bing tools to generate it. These keywords are generally buyer keywords which 90% of buyers will use to search. If you use PPC to generate traffic, you can directly use these keywords in Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo or any other advertisements networks.

There are many plenty of free tools like Google Insights, Google Trends, Google Keyword tool which can be used to get all the data for free. But it needs some significant amount of time and experience to properly use these Google tools. If you are already an expert using these tools, I don’t suggest this Keyword Elite 2.0 software. If you are a newbie or if you don’t have much experience using these tools, then I don’t suggest you to go for the Keyword Elite 2.0 software.

Please have a look at the video below which explains you Keyword surge feature in detail.

Market Research Sleuth:

This Feature will help you research about your keywords. You can just add the keyword list you obtained from keyword surge program to market research sleuth. You have the options like analyze keywords using AdWords, Yahoo or Bing. You can choose which ever suits you. There is also an option to restrict your max cost per click so that keywords that only come under your budget will be analyzed. If you only want keywords that are in Title or anchor or in normal text, you can strict that too.

Market Research Sleuth analyzes the list of keywords and arranges the results in sort able columns mentioned below.

1. Searches: Monthly searches on the keyword for the whole month.

2. Results: Number of search results retrieved when a keyword is searched.

3. R/S Ratio: It is results per search ratio. It helps in identifying the competition for the keyword.

4. KEI: Keyword Effectiveness Index is a measure to calculate the effectiveness of the keyword in search results. It can be calculated as searches/results. The bigger the number the more effective is the keyword in terms of popularity as well as competition.

5. Average CPC: Average cost per click for a keyword to be a part of first or seconds result in the advertisements.

6. Average Position: Average Position of the keyword for which are looking.

7. Estimated Clicks Organics: This column shows the number of estimated organic search traffic per day to the website, assuming that a website stood in first position in organic search for that particular keyword.

8. Estimated Clicks Ads: This column shows the number of estimated paid search traffic per day to the website, assuming that a website stood in first position in advertisements position for that particular keyword.

9. Campaigns: Number of campaigns running currently for the keyword to rank in first page.

10. Search Trends: This shows the search trends for the keyword for over the past 12 months.

Important thing here in is when you click on any keyword in the list. You will get the list of all campaigns running for that keyword with following information.

1. Search Engine

2. Rank

3. Title

4. Description 5. Display URL

6. Actual URL

we can see our competitor’s ads. How their advertisement page looks like and their rank.

This is very useful for you to analyze the market and competition so that you can improve your advertisements based on the existing top ones to improve your advertisements quality and thereby you can decrease you cost per click .You can view different results based on Google phrase match and Google exact match to further refine your analysis. If you are ever into PPC market, you will easily understand this part.

A video which describes Market Research Sleuth in detail:

AdWord’s Time Machine:

AdWord’s Time Machine is my favorite feature of Keyword Elite 2.0 software. This feature alone is worthy enough to the price of the entire software. This feature is primarily useful for those who are into who love to start PPC advertisements or those who are already into it. We will give the tool our keyword as input. It will search for marketers who are already running campaigns promoting the product using the specified keywords. It will show these marketers’ advertisements history for past 6 months. You can look for the one who is promoting the advertisements consistently all these 6 months. When someone is consistently running the campaign means he would definitely be in profit promoting it. You also get the URL of website and its description and you can view their advertisements too. So, you can almost copy or mimic their advertisement copy by tweaking a bit of their landing page or placement of their advertisement or any other parameter of the successful advertiser. Isn’t it cool?

Search Engine Dominator:

This is one of the best feature of Keyword Elite 2.0 to help webmasters identify the SEO tricks and tips to increase their search positions. It gives us monthly searches, Competition, estimated monthly clicks from Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines and Microsoft OCI.

Let me explain what Microsoft OCI is. Microsoft OCI gives us the likelihood that the visitors to your website for the particular keyword have the commercial capability and intent to buy the product.

In the bottom part of the search engine dominator window, we can see the list of top 10 ranked websites and some details like search engine, position, domain name, Page Title, average, Google page rank, back links, total words in the page, number of times the keyword has been repeated over the entire page, density of the keyword in the total content, number of times the keyword is found in title, number of times the keyword is found in links, keyword appearance in alternate text of images, keyword appearance in description, number of times the keyword has been in bold, it’s count under the H1 tag, percentage individually for the respective counts and finally the average of  above said 10 search results.

AdWord’s Competition Sniper:

If your competitor’s advertisements doesn’t appear in AdWord’s time machine, but you still doubt that they are advertising, you can check it using the AdWord’s competition sniper. You can spy your competitor’s advertisements in Yahoo, Google and Bing. This feature has zero tolerance in finding out your competitor’s AdWord’s campaigns. This tool will let you know the complete campaign information without any constraint of time. If ever your competitor has run the campaign, you can see that through this tool. More the number of times the advertisement appears, much profitable is the advertisements for your competitor. You can schedule it periodically to sniper your competition. To be frank, I never used this feature to spy on my competitors.

Advanced AdWord’s site Targeter:

Just enter your keyword and see the list of top sites in terms of Google PR, Alexa Ranking. You can also find out whether the website has AdSense advertisements or not. These sites are super targeted hence pretty valuable. You can place your AdWords advertisements directly on these laser targeted websites for your keywords. Even visitors won’t be annoyed seeing your ads. Also as your advertisements will match their interests, click through rate and conversions will obviously high. So, even cost per click will be reduced.

If you feel you, you can do a better business by direct ads. You can contact these owners to put our advertisements on them for a low cost.

JV Diamond Miner:

JV Diamond is a cool feature of Keyword Elite 2.0.It finds great websites with email opt-ins in their pages, we can contact the webmasters or blog owners of these websites to promote our product .You can use established business to promote your own business from the quality contacts they already had. Nice way to super charge your business popularity with responsive visitors.

CPA Magnet:

Cost per Action is one of leading market strategy these days. Action may be a lead or Sale here. Generally there are many networks which promote various products. To see and select the product which matches your niche or website, you have to join these networks and then find if your desired product available in their network or not. But through this CPA Magnet feature you can find your best matched product among all the available 13000 products under 40 different networks. You can sort by networks or payout or Sale.

Disadvantages of Keyword Elite 2.0:

  • This is not a magic wand to get easy money.
  • It only reduces work by 40% and rest of the work is same.
  • Price of 197$ is very high for a newbie who just started their business.
  • Some of the features of this tool can be obtained for free on the internet.
  • Frequency of updates is not as good as its competitors such as Market Samurai.
  • Some of the features like Advanced Google AdWord’s Sniper are mostly not used. Of course it is just my opinion. So, I wish not to pay for it.
  • Takes significant amount of time to process on a very slow internet. If your network is slow, I recommend using a Virtual Private Network.
  • Keyword Elite is not perfect like many other tools, it too has some bugs inside it.
  • It is not very useful for a newbie who just stepped in. I suggest them to try things manually first instead of going with tools. Once they understand PPC, they can see a better use of Keyword Elite.

This is how Keyword Elite Works. With this I have reviewed all the features.

Advantages of Keyword Elite 2.0:

  • It saves a lot of time when used effectively.
  • AdWord’s Time Machine feature helps in identifying your competitor’s Profitable advertisements, their advertisement copy, their Landing page and their key tactics.
  • CPU Magnet provides highest paying affiliate offer from around 400 networks. So, choosing the offer which suits your needs is just a click away.
  • Based on the main keyword, the software generates a list of related keywords which can be further refined and can be used in your advertisement campaigns.
  • The Generated Keyword list from surge tool can further be analyzed using Market Research Sleuth tool.
  • Keywords can be analyzed to find average monthly searches, Cost per click and Effectiveness of Keyword. We can easily get to know the profitable keywords.
  • Helps us in identifying average content structure to gain top rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Competitor’s advertisements and his business strategies can be observed.
  • Joint Ventures and Third party advertisements can easily be partnered with the help of Keyword Elite software.
  • It is just a onetime payment. I prefer onetime payments rather than recurring monthly payments.
  • You can try Keyword Elite 2.0 full version, free for first 14 days.
  • It is guaranteed by 30 days, No question asked money back guarantee.


Keyword Elite tool definitely is not a scam or fraud.  Like every thing else in this universe,it has its own advantages and disadvantages.If you are seriously into pay per click industry and you have so much money to invest on building your ammunition, every tool of Keyword Elite pack acts as an axle to simplify your work in rowing the  seeds of campaigns in the Pay per click field. If investment is tight, don’t ever think of buying Keyword Elite 2.0 software, as you will be only left with good strategies to investment in PPC without any money in hand. Some features of Keyword Elite are alone worth its price and if it is properly used the money spent will be recovered with a few days only. If you are capable to learning  is good or at least not bad, the tool is quiet easy to understand. The tool is well designed but it don’t have wisdom,  this wisdom has come from you. As a tool it will simplify things for you but you should learn the basics of PPC to use it efficiently and effectively.

With the above said pros, cons and conclusion, I hope you will be in position now to decide whether investing on Keyword Elite Tool is worthy or not.

If you are already a Keyword Elite user, please share you experience.

If you are willing to buy the software, below is my affiliate link.

Click here to buy Keyword Elite Software



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