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Kesineni Travels Reviews

Kesineni Travels Reviews

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Kesineni Travels Complete information:

Name: Kesineni Tours and Travels

Founder: Srinivas Kesineni (Kesineni Nani)

Est. Year: February 1, 1992

Other Services: Kesineni Cargo Carriers

Website: http://www.kesinenitravels.com

This is Viswa Tej a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh, India .I had a very bad experience with the travels. I’m here to mention my honest review with Kesineni Tours and travels. I don’t want to consolidate; it’s only my personal experience with the travels.

 Kesineni Tours and Travel Review:

21st august being the birthday of my fiance,I happened to book a ticket for 2+2 Volvo in Kesineni tours and travels on 18th august 2012 from Hyderabad to Chennai. So I’m very prepared and planned to travel on Saturday so that I can reach there on Sunday (August 20Th). But everything got disappointed by fraud and careless employees of Kesineni. Here I’m speaking about the ground Staff and bus internal crew. Let me explain you the complete story.

I selected my boarding point at More super market near Allwyn cross roads. The mini bus has to come there at 6.40 p.m. I reached there at 6.25 pm itself. I waited till 6.45 pm but didn’t see any Kesineni bus. So, i called the Kesineni help line to inquire about the bus. They told me not to worry as the bus is in traffic jam. They gave me the bus driver number to call in case of any further issues. I patiently waited till 7.20 PM; still there were no signs of bus. So, i called the driver contact number, he rashly told me he don’t know any information and cut the call abruptly. So, i went to Kesineni booking office, opposite to More super market. He is also very irresponsible and kept me waiting for 10 min doing his personal works and gave me another number saying he is unable to call. Please call yourself to inquire about the bus. Being very upset about these kinds of behaviors, I called the number he gave. Someone attended the call and said bus is in Gachibowli and about to leave in 5 minutes. I pleaded him to wait and hurriedly took an auto for INR 100 to Gachibowli Kesineni office. I promised him that I will reach there within 10 to 12 min.As said i reached the Gachibowli Kesineni Office in 10 min. But I couldn’t find the bus. The inquiry department said that the bus has left. I was dumbstruck. I questioned the office operator strongly about the same. He is simply saying, we called your number. Your number is not reachable so we left is their response, which is completely false. They are very rude. I felt bus driver and cleaner would have sold my seat to someone else leaving me behind without even calling my mobile.

With heart full of anger and disappointment, I left for the Secunderabad railway station; I know that there are no direct trains to Chennai. I went to Chennai standing from Secunderabad to Vijayawada and Vijayawada to Chennai .As it is weekend trains are very rush and I don’t even have a seat and the whole journey I was standing near toilets and have to answer every police man who roams there. Being a guy with self-respect, I felt very bad standing near toilets. I Felt very sad with my fate that day. I reached Chennai at next afternoon 4 pm. Hadn’t had food also for past 24 hours. I spent another 450 INR in forms of fines for Ticket collectors. I traveled in many private travels but never had such a bad experience. Please don’t select these travels if you are new and don’t know the exact boarding point. The Operator, Crew and Ground staff is not responsible at all. I’m not supposed to comment on maintenance or safety of journey as i didn’t at least board the bus. I request the Kesineni’s management to call all the travelers and also those who missed the bus and should collect their feedback. So that they can gather their positives and negatives and can improve their quality of service by punishing the irresponsible staff. My suggestion is book train tickets in advance. Train journey is safe and happy too.

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  1. Profile photo of Swetha

    Kesineni Travels:  Journey from Hyderabad to Kakinada
    I’m Swetha Kakaraparthy from Kakinada. I’m doing my graduation in Kakinada JNTU. This year, I’m in my 7th Semester. I came to Hyderabad in Gouthami Express to give a presentation in IIIT Hyderabad. I do have a booked return ticket for East Coast Train, but due to current strike and cyclone Phailinin in coastal Andhra, my train got cancelled. So, I’m left with no option other than going by bus. I heard some good things about Kesineni bus from some of my friends who travel between Kakinada and Hyderabad. So, I bought a AC VOLVO ticket from Travelyaari website .They priced me about 750 rupees which is more than double of my train ticket (320 rupees).
    I planned to board the bus at Miyapur. The right time is 9:20 PM. I went half an hour before to Kesineni’ S office in Allwyn cross roads Miyapur. The office looked very small and the guy sitting over there is completely money minded and he didn’t even respond to customers. I waited for response for about 10 minutes and luckily the guy had his eye on me and he smiled at me as if he has never a girl before which is very uncomfortable for me. He looked at my ticket and told me to go for another address near Miyapur signal. In a hurry I took an auto to the said location. It is just a 2 km away location but traffic is at its peak. It took 15 min and 50 rupees for me to reach that stop. The bus is about to leave at correct time, but the bad thing is they didn’t even check that all the passengers boarding in at that stop are in or not. Luckily I just reached by the moment bus is about to start in few seconds. I asked the cleaner who is the conductor of the bus about why they hadn’t at least tried reaching me on my mobile. He told me that they thought missed passengers will get in the next stop. I’m speechless with his careless reply.
      As soon as I get into the bus, they gave us a mineral water bottle and TV is already on. After crossing Hyderabad they played Magadheera movie. The bed sheets were very clean no way bad than a new one. The bus is also clean. The journey went very smooth and never even felt a jerk on the whole journey. Next day morning, it dropped me at Kakinada exactly at the right time (7 Am).
    Except for a few members like Conductor, Office Guy, and few outside staff, Ambience, maintenance, driving, safety was good. The owner or proprietor of the bus is keen in keeping the reputation but the side staff is not good. This is my review about Kesineni travels on my journey from Hyderabad to Kakinada

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